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Derecho - the silence

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by Derecho

Here's our EP '15 Degrees From Reality'!  Enjoy!








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Derecho is unmistakably a rock band and, appropriately enough, the term ‘Derecho’ means a ‘fast moving band of severe thunderstorms’.

Their music is a set of high impact genres, skilfully blended into an original and instantly recognisable rock sound that stands out for its quality and emotional appeal in today’s crowded music world.

Think the combined rock sounds of Pat Benatar, Evanescence, Blondie, The Darkness, Siouxsie Sioux, Cream, Deep Purple and the Kate Bush Band, and there you have it! Derecho are a female fronted rock band presenting a powerful blend of alluring melodies, mighty vocals, well crafted musicianship and magnetising stage presence. 

Derecho were formed in 2010 by songwriter Jo Ash and guitarist Mike Wheatley. Since then the band has released three studio albums and three EPs, and performs at venues and festivals all around the UK.


Jo Ash - Keyboards / Vocals

Mike Wheatley - Guitars

Mike Ellis - Drums

Steve Banks - Bass


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Home: Angela Stonebridge

Meet The Band / Music pages: Damien Fulker

Shows: Nick Lamb

Gallery: Sally Newhouse (Jo), Damien Fulker (Mike W), Nick Lamb (Mike E) Trevor Cotterill (Steve)